Football Research in an Enlarged Europe

Journal n°29, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship


 The FREE project, led by ESSCA Management School with Sport and Citizenship as a partner, will be holding its closing conference on 15 March in Brussels. The objective of this project was to develop a better understanding of the extent to which football permeates everyday life of Europeans, how it has become what it is today, and how it influences the way in which European citizens see themselves and each other as Europeans.

Using new, transversal and interdisciplinary academic research in Europe, the FREE project gave legitimacy to the study of a social phenomenon that is rarely taken seriously by governments outside of election time. The conclusions of this project, to be revealed here for the first time, allow a better understanding of the many facets of the most popular sport in the world and give a detailed look at an activity enjoyed by millions of Europeans.


Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

Tibor Navracsics, European Commission.

Special Feature –FREE Project  

 “How football became European” 

Paul Dietschy, Stuttgart University.

  “The slow, but irresistible emergence of a European football memory”

Pyta & N. Havemann, BASIS.

 “A European traumatism”

Albretch Sonntag, ESSCA Ecole de Management.

 “Anthropological Football Research and East-West Imaginaries” 

Schwell, Vienna University; M. Buchowski, Poznan University.

 “Fandom and Migration”

Nina Szogs, Vienna University.

 “The majority of Greek people are proud of the 2004 Olympic Games” 

Theodoros Zagorakis, European Parliament.

 “The mega-event paradox” 

Malgorzata Kowalska, Poznan University.

 “What legacy will UEFA EURO 2016 leave?”

Jacques Lambert, EURO 2016 SAS.

 “Can we speak of the feminisation of football?” 

Gertrud Pfister, Copenhagen University.

 “The feminisation of football is still some way off!” 

Svenja-Maria Mintert, Copenhagen University.

 “Promoting women’s leadership in football” 

Emily Shaw, UEFA.

 “How much do supporters care about football governance?”

Garcia & J. Welford, Loughborough University.

Sport and Citizenship in action

European project- Leader of PASS project

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