Move Week 2013

Journal n°24, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

 Sport and physical activity is climbing the agenda across Europe and on the EU level. And it deserves it!

2014 Should mark a historical year in terms of institutional developments. The recently published European Commission’s proposal for a Council recommendation – the first ever in the field of sport- on Health Enhancing Physical Activity, along with the future Erasmus + program from 2014 will provide political and operational support and funding to promote sports and physical activity.

Citizen’s engagement in grassroots focused, civil society initiatives in sport and physical activities are an area to be taken more seriously. It represents value and values. Value in terms of economic turnover, where a recent EU study showed that the economic value added of the sport sector is bigger than agriculture and fishery combined.

Value in terms of direct societal benefits for citizens’ health care spending. But also values. Sport and Physical activity is a well-known tool to promote and establish inclusion, solidarity and intercultural and interreligious dialogue. But we need action to go hand in hand with political ambitions!

This is why ISCA and its partners European Cyclists’ Federation and EUROSPORT have launched the European-wide NowWeMove campaign to promote sport and physical activity.


Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

 “We need exemplary political visions to set the tone for concrete policy initiatives”

Morten Lokkegaard, Member of the European Parliament.

 Exclusive Interview

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commission.

Special Feature –Move Week 2013

 “100 million more to be active by 2020”

Morgens Kirkeby, ISCA.

  “The easiest forms of physical activity are those that can be incorporated into everyday life”

Dr Bernard Ensink, European Cyclists’ Federation.

 “The European educational sector should see the primary school age as their main investment area”

Juha Villanen, Muuvit.

 “MOVE Week could be a win-win situation for the public and for sports clubs”

Nenad Borkovic, DRITE- University of Zagreb.

 “Building partnerships creates synergies and is the only way to develop holistic interventions”

Lena Knorr, Stuttgart Sport Department.

 “It is essential to keep investing in the good health of our citizens”

Paola Testori Coggi, European Commission.

 “Physical activity has always been and will always be lying in the genes of the sporting goods industry”

Frank A. Dassler, FESI.

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