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Journal n°11, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

At the dawn of a summer full of sport promises, it seems particularly well-timed to consider the nature of the relationships between these two sectors. For besides the plethora of sports images provided daily by the television, there are many interactions between these two major facts of our changing society.

Indeed professional sports have been precipitated into an unprecedented economic spiral by the cash flow brought by media. Similarly, the emergence of private media has provided sport with a wider exposure, which helped its success.

But sport has managed to adapt itself to these major developments. Tools for financial solidarity have emerged, as illustrated by the UEFA Champions League’s system. European institutions have taken measures to ensure inter alia, access for all and the free broadcasting of major sporting events.

However, many civic issues remain open: broadcasting of “minor” sports and sport for people with disabilities, preserving the ethics of sport, developing grassroots sport … While new media are emerging, these many challenges will undoubtedly punctuate political news in the years to come.

Table of Contents:

Exclusive interviews

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commission.

Bernard Lapasset, President of the International Rugby Board.

Doris Pack, Memberof the European Parliament.

Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, Minister of Youth and Sport, Serbia.

Laurent-Eric Le Lay, Eurosport.

Jacques Séguéla, Havas.

Nicolas Maingot, FIFA.

Tony Estanguet, Olympian canoeist.

Special Feature – Sport and Media

 “The sports press: the active “mirror””

Rosarita Cuccoli, Internationale des Journaux Sportifs.

 “Sport 2.0.” 

Catalin Tolontan, Gazeta Sporturilor.

 “Sport and Media: a mutual interdependence in five main movements” 

Vincent Chaudel, Sport Ineum Consulting.

 “Social networking and sport: a marriage made in heaven or in hell?”

Anna Semens, Leeds Metropolitan University.

 “Should the practice of selling sports media rights on the basis of territorial exclusivity be reconsidered?” 

Nicolas Gyss, KEA.

 “Sports and TV: these ‘abnormal businesses’” 

Ross Biggam, ACTE.

 “Hooligans, the media and politics”

Nicolas Hourcade, Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

“An inseparable couple”

Michael Attali, Sport and Environment Social.


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