“Bringing together a range of skills, from training to finding a job”


At the end of September, the Tony Parker Academy announced a new partnership. An interview with Agnès Perrin-Turenne, Development Manager for Acadomia


What is the idea behind the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy (TPAA)

APT: It is based on the tryptic “Passion Education Job”. The TPAA welcomes young girls and boys of 15 and over (the “Academicians”) who all have a passion, be it for basketball, music or something else. The idea is that they can develop their passion in parallel with their studies, with a suitable programme, and an enriched curriculum led by a team of professionals with privileged links with companies. The aim is not to train future basketball players (although some Academicians may become so), but to support each student in their personal and professional project. The first year of students is being recruited and will start at the Academy in the summer of 2019.



What is Acadomia’s role in this project?

APT: Our skill is in our teaching model, which is recognised as being innovative and adapted to current teaching methods. On the TPAA campus we will be providing a lycée-level school, on a non-contractual basis, offering personal study plans to Academicians. The curriculum is aligned with the official programmes, but new methods are put in place, with reduced class size, mentoring, projects, special timetables, courses and placements and extra training in English. The project is extremely stimulating, because as well as helping to construct the programmes, we will have a physical presence on the TPAA campus and will help the Academicians to define and pursue their personal and professional project.


How can a job at the completion of their studies, as promised by the TPAA, be guaranteed?

APT: The aim of the Academy is for the young people to take control of their project. Obviously with Tony Parker and the nearby LDLC ASVEL club, some of the students will be aiming for a career in professional basketball, but they will probably be a small minority. The strong involvement of the Adéquat group, a leader in the recruitment market, will give each Academician the chance to benefit from the best possible support in defining their professional project and in finding work. For our part, Acadomia will also be putting in place a number of modules targeting the acquisition of the know-how and life skills which employers today are looking for. What is new about the TPAA is that it brings together people with various, complementary skills, from training to job-seeking.

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