Conference: A knock-out blow to racism

Promote an environment of equality in a information society

At the initiative of the italian MEP, Cécile KYENGE, the European Parliament organized a conference about racism regarding the life and the story of “Il pulgile del Duce”, Leone Jacovacci.

Through his story, this is the story of Italy which is depicted. Jacovacci was one the strongest, most belovedItalian and European champion. He had African origins and for that reason, at a time when fascism penetrated Italy, he was never recognized as a true champion.

This documentary depicts this dark period in Italy, but, more than that, it reveals the power of the image. As Enrico Bufalini, Director Archive and Cinema at the Istituto Luce Cinecitta said, Mussolini, starting from 1924, quickly understood the power of the image in the implementation of the new model of masculinity, the new Italian, under his fascist regime. He quickly created an administration which aimed to guard, to preserve the documents while deleting files when they deserved his propaganda. As both the film director, Tony Saccuci, and Enrico Bufalini said, the work was really complicated to achieve.

Former boxer Béa Diallo spoke about his own history and the difficulties he had to become the person he now is, due to ambient and rampant racism.

Through those stories, the conference addressed the challenges faced by sport as a mirror of society and the difficulties faced by European with migrant background to be fully include in society.

Lack of tolerance and openness also echo the current state of play in Europe and in the world. Again, sport is no stranger to this phenomenon.

MEPs Cécile Kyenge and Maria Arena insisted several times about the importance of fighting against this populism; MEP Silvia Costa affirmed that it’s time to rethink about a common history. It belongs to us to lead that fight. Sport definitely has a role to play in bringing about tolerance, peace and positive common message.

Fighting against prejudices, defending European values and promoting participant and inclusion for all: the challenges addressed by these conference have been real issues tackled by our think tank over the years.

Sport et citoyenneté