Employment in Sport

Journal n°38 of the Think tank Sport and Citizenship


In the run-up to an election, jobs and the battle against unemployment (9% in Europe and as high as 20% among young people) are obviously of major concern. The sport and active leisure sector, for its part, is seeing constant growth, allowing it to create jobs and to resist the effects of the economic crisis. It includes a whole range of jobs, many of them open to young people, and even more when every aspect of the sector is taken into account (sport for health, sport tourism, workplace sport, hosting major sporting events, etc.).

This sector, though, is still growing towards professionalisation, and is marked by non-continuous work (a lot of part-time work, multiple jobs and several employers) which can put young workers in a precarious situation. At this time of a new sharing economy, is there a danger of sport federations becoming uberised, to the detriment of the sector’s future professionals’ legal and social protection?

These are the subjects we want to look at in the special focus in this revue, which has been prepared jointly with the National Sport and Leisure Profession Federation, a major partner whose mission is to support and promote long-term qualified work in jobs in sport and leisure – a partner with whom we are pleased and proud to work



Point of View – UE news

” Developping skills that better match the requirements of the labour market “

Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissionner

Special feature – Employment in Sport

” Employment in Sport: opportunities and challenges “

Sylvain Landa, Deputy director of the Sport and Citizenship Think tank

” A European Challenge “

António Silva Mendes, Former European Commission “Youth and Sport” director, Member of the Sport and Citizenship Think tank board

” ESSA-Sport: an innovative project for the sport and physical activity sector “

Aurélien Favre, EOSE Executive Director

” Part-time work in Sport “

Jean-Louis Gouju, scientific Advisor, General rapporteur “National Education Economy Council”, Directorate general for higher education and employment

” Part-time work in Sport: an emerging model which needs support “

Nicolas Verdon, President of the French national sport and leisure profession federation

” New potential for jobs in sport “

Jean-Pierre Mougin, Vice president of CNOSF, responsible for jobs, training and qualifications

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