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Journal n°34 : Sport et Environment

Sport and Environment

Journal n°34, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

A few months after the successful COP21 and the signing of a historic agreement on combating climate change, the special focus of this edition is devoted to “Sport and the Environment”. One of the strengths of the latest world conference on the climate was the fact that it involved a wide representation of civil society in reflecting and formulating solutions for the planet. Numerous conferences, debates and roundtable discussions took place, in the official negotiating zone and elsewhere at Le Bourget, on many and varied subjects. In this mass of discussions and ideas, sport was frequently mentioned. Its impact on the environment was not avoided, but it was mainly the wealth of tools, initiatives and innovations presented that held our attention. Whether they concern managing facilities, designing equipment, organising events, communication or marketing, these initiatives showed to what extent the sector has become aware of these issues, and how valuable a “green” strategy could be, both economically and in media terms. Within the framework of an equally sustainable partnership linking our Think tank and Audencia Business School we have been running a teaching project for the last few months with students from the Mastère Spécialisé in Management of Sport Organisations (MS MOS), bearing on the environmental issues in sport. We decided to base our reflection on sporting events, whether large and far reaching, or at grassroots level. In fact we think that it is at these events that the impact on the environment is most pronounced, and it is here that behaviour can really be modified. Sport then becomes a tool for raising awareness, serving society. In this review you will find contributions from the MS MOS students, backed up with the opinions of prestigious experts. We hope you will enjoy these analyses, and would like to thank the Audencia Business School management, and particularly the MS MOS team, for their confidence in us. We will be pleased to continue these discussions at a forthcoming conference at the School headquarters on 31st March.

Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

Tibor Navracsics, European Commission.

Mircea Diaconu, European Parliament.

Special Feature – Sport and Environment

 » COP21: Sport and Environmental issues « 

Didier Lehénaff, SVPlanet.

  » The United Nations, Sport and Environment « 

Adrien Rodrigues, Sport and Citizenship.

 » From perfect Health… to re-creative health « 

Jean Corneloup, Grenoble University.

 » Sports events and protecting the environment « 

Jean-Loup Chappelet, University of Lausanne.

 » We need to measure the impact of our events « 

  1. Budin & F. Jouet, UNIMEV.

Sport and Citizenship in action

The PASS Project enters its 2nd phase

Third meeting of the European “Sport for Everyone” project on 21st and 22nd March in Rome

Update on SEDY European Project

Active School Communities project kicks off in Berlin


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Sport et citoyenneté