News from the Council of the European Union

November 2021  

The Council adopted conclusions on Lifelong Physical Activity 

In the framework of the adoption of the resolution on the key features of a European sport Model, EU Sport Ministers also adopted conclusions promoting lifelong physical activity. The conclusions highlight the importance of a physical fitness monitoring system that encourages the people to engage in lifelong physical activity, with appropriate individual feedback and tracking of changes in physical fitness. The conclusions call on the member states to voluntary opt for this monitoring system.  

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The Council adopted a Resolution on a European Sport Model 

On 30 November, European Sport Ministers adopted a resolution on the key features of a European Sport Model. The key features include a pyramidal structure, organised sport, structured on a national basis, and by one federation per sport, solidarity with lower-tier sport levels and the promotion of open competitions. This is the first agreement on the key features of the European model of sport based on European values. 

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June 2021

Publication of the Council Conclusions on sports-related violence

The European Council adopted several recommendations regarding sports-related violence ahead of EURO2020. They stress the importance of protecting public spaces and private spaces open to public. Moreover, they call on Member States to preventing and mitigating the dissemination of messages that incite violence, extremism, radicalization and xenophobia.

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