Our events in 2017

Every year, the Think tank Sport and Citizenship organises workshops, conferences and round tables gathering stakeholders and policymakers in sport.

March 2017

  • March 8th and 9th: Sport and Citizenship took part in the EU Sport forum in Malta, the main platform for structured dialogue between European institutions and sports stakeholders. Its primary objective is to evaluate the progress made in the implementation of the EU’s sports agenda and to look at stakeholders’ points of view concerning their activities –whether they be current, intended or eventual.  We also took part in the EU Youth forum, a continuation of the first event, from the 10th to the 13th of March in Malta.
  • March 17th: Our Think tank was partner of the debate organised by UFOLEP 44 (Nantes – France). This was the occasion to reflect on sport and it values through the main question “How do sport and physical activity contribute to citizenship?”
  • On March 24th, Sport and Citizenship‘s General Meeting was held at the MAIF Social Club.

April 2017

  • Our newest journal has been published. Written in partnership with Fédération Nationale Profession Sport et Loisirs (National Federation of Employment Sport and Leisure), this 38th issue will explore the topic of employement in sport. More information
  • April 19th: Sport and Citizenship is a partner of the conference organised by the Centre français des fondations about Sport and Education. The event took place at Paris Assas.
  • April 19th and 20th: The final PASS Project workshop was held in Frankfurt. More information
  • April 24th: In partnership with Fédération Nationale Profession Sport et Loisirs (National Federation of Employment Sport and Leisure), Sport and Citizenship organised a conference on the topic of  “Sport and Employment” at CESE in Paris. See the pictures

May 2017

  • May 19th: Sport and Citizenship held a lunch-debate about the reconversion of athletes which took place at the French Football Federation. See the Pictures and the report (in French)

June 2017

  • June 3rd: Sport and Citizenship organised a charity football match at Kraainem Football Club in Brussels between MEPs, a team of refugees and representatives of our Think tank. See the pictures
  •  June 6th: Sport and Citizenship attended the presentation of the European candidacies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games at the European Parliament.  For this occasion, a new episode of Sport Corner was filmed on the subject. Watch the Sport Corner (in French)
  • Le 13 juin : A convention was signed between the FFF and Sport and Citizenship during the France-England match.
  • On June 13th and 14th, Sport and Citizenship attended a Green Play meeting in Tampere. The Think tank is a partner of this European project.
  • On June 14th, we also organised a conference intitled ‘E-sport: Is it like the other sports?’  Though e-sport has provoked much enthusiasm, can it truly be defined as a real sport? See the pictures
  • June 19th: Sport and Citizenship  organised a conference about Volunteering in Sports in Clermont-Ferrand (France) as part of the V2S European project.

July 2017

  • July 17th: A special edition journal will be released to celebrate the Think tank’s 10th anniversary.
  • On July 21st, Sport and Citizenship will organise a conference on the “Sports Economy” to mark the arrival of the Tour de France in Marseille. 

September 2017

  • September 13th: Sport and Citizenship will take part in the event organised in Lima for the host city election of the 2024 summer Olympics and Paralympic Games. 
  • In September, we will also be having a Debate on Sport and Diplomacy in partnership with IRIS (The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs).
  • September 17th: Journal n°39 will be released at the end of the month and will be about sport in schools in order to conclude the European project ASC.
  • On September 19th, the 2023 Rugby World Cup candidacy will be presented to the European Parliament.  A new episode of Sport Corner will be filmed for the occasion. 
  • September 21st: The Féderation Française de Rugby (FFR) will organise a conference on the Legacy of the 2023 World Cup.
  • September 23rd to 30th: Sport and Citizenship is a partner of the European Week of Sport’s kickoff. Otherwise referred to as Ewos, this is an initiative of the European Comission to promote sport and physical activity in all of Europe. The far-reaching #BeActive campaign aims not only to promote sport but to encourage Europeans to be active during the European Week and for the entire year.
  • In September, a conference will be held at the House of Sport in Belgium during the EWoS.
  • On the 26th September, Sport and Citizenship will organise a conference on doping in partnership with the UNSS.
  •   September 29th, the Think tank will hold a press conference for the publication “Panorama of school sport in Europe”

October 2017

  • This autumn will mark the organisation of the European PASS Project’s final conference.
  • October 6thSport and Citizenship will organise a conference on the integration of refugees through sport, in Nantes.
  • On October 17thSport and Citizenship will organise a conference about treating cancer with physical activity which will be organised in partnership with CAMI Sport and Cancer.
  • October 17th: Play International will be held. Sport and Citizenship is a partner of this event.

November 2017

  • The third edition of “The debates for solidarity in Sport” will take place in Paris. This year’s conference will be on ‘Sport, education and reconversion’.
  • November 17th: We will organise and participate in the final conference of the SEDY Project, to be held in Amsterdam.
  • Our 40th journal will be about disabled youth in order to conclude the SEDY European project.

December 2017

  • In December we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!
  • In September, the Think tank will organise a conference on Sport and Ethics at the Master of Sports Law Department in Marseille.
  • 4th December: The Think tank will organise the Plénière CRCS conference.
  • On the 17th December, Sport and Citizenship will have a scientific and academic conference about gender equality.

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