Sport and European Identity

Journal n°10, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

To attempt to give a definition of European identity today is a big challenge. Thirty-three years after the Treaty of Rome and eighteen years since the creation of the European Union, we are forced to acknowledge that is it still difficult to come up with a precise definition accepted by all. Such a definition would, however, be based on a sentiment, a sense of belonging to the same community and a desire to live together, stemming from the sharing of the same values and aims.

The pleasure of taking part in sport is common to all European countries, above and beyond their differences. This love of sport unites Europeans much more than it has ever divided them.




Table of Contents:

Exclusive interviews

Seàn Kelly, Member of the European Parliament, and Former President of the Gaelic Athletic Association and former Executive Chairman of the Irish Institute of Sport;

Rama Yade, France’s Sports Secretary of State.

André Antoine, Vice-President and Minister of Sports of the Walloon Region, and of Belgium’s French Community.

Michal Krejza, Head of the European Commission’s Sport Unit.

Kim Gevaert, Former Belgian Athlete.

André Leclercq, Executive Member of CNOSF.

Jerome Valcke, Secretary General of FIFA.

Didier Pain, Director General of Sodexo Sports & Loisirs.

David Douillet, Former French Judo champion.


Special Feature – Sport and European Identity

 “Sport as a way to European Citizenship”

Michèle Guyot-Roze, Hippocrene Foundation.

 “Sport as social glue or poison for Europe?” 

Joseph Maguire, University of Loughborough.

 “Sport and the construction of identity in Europe”

Jean-Paul Callède, CNRS researcher.

 “Football and European identity: between xenophobia and cosmopolitanism”

Dr. Peter Milward, Leeds Metropolitan University.

 “Sport and identities in Ireland” 

Pr. Mike Cronin, Boston College- Ireland.

“Sports, a promising tool in reinforcing European identity”

Chambon & T. Kerervé, Notre Europe & Versailles Triathlon.

 “Basketball: an American sport encouraging European identity” 

Silvester Stahl, University of Potsdam.

 “Outdoor recreation, identity and territorial belonging in Europe”

Antoine Marsac, University of Artois.

“The impact of sport regulations on the European identity”

Muriel Féraud-Courtin, TAJ legal office.

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Sport et citoyenneté