Sport and human rights

Journal n°36 of the Think tank Sport and Citizenship


Sport is not specifically mentioned in any international declaration or convention devoted to human rights. However, the International Olympic Committee Charter has, since its inception, stated that “the practice of sport is a human right”. From the rights of the individual in general, human rights have gradually been applied to athletes in particular, and more broadly to sport sector which is increasingly open to litigation.

The development of sporting justice raises questions about its balance with international human rights law.


Point of View – UE news

“To discuss Sports Diplomacy in the context of formal EU policies”
Peter Plavčan, Minister of Education, Sciences, Sports Research, Slovakian President of the European Union “

Special feature – Sport and Human Rights

” Respect for human rights and the sporting world’s need for independence “

Guido Raimondi, President of the European Court of Human Rights

“Sport and International human rights law”
Colin Miège, President of the Sport and Citizenship Scientific Committee

“Sport and human rights: the Council of Europe’s experience
Stanislas Frossard, Executive Secretary, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport, Council of Europe

“Athletes as “the weakest link in the chain””
Alexandre Miguel Mestre, Lawyer, Member of the Sport and Citizenship Think tank’s board

“Sports justice is necessary, just like the ECHR counter balance”
Jean-Paul Costa, President of the European Court of Human Rights

“Anti-doping, human rights and fundamental rights ”
Jacob Kornbeck,  Member of the Sport and Citizenship Think tank’s board

“The Pechstein Affair : The German Federal Tribunal announces its decision”
Julien Mondou, Legal Expert at the Center of Sports Law and Economics in Limoges

“Safe and healthy sport environment for young athletes: an EPAS top-priority”
Michael Trinker, EPAS Deputy Executive Secretary, Council of Europe

“Implementing Decent Work in Mega Sporting Events”
Giovanni Di Cola, Special Adviser, International Labour Office, Geneva

“Sport and Freedom of expression”
Thierry Granturco, Lawyer to the Paris and Brussels’ Bars, Membre of the Sport and Citizenship Scientific Committee

“Combatting hooliganisme while respecting the rights of supporters”
Nicolas Hourcade, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, École centrale de Lyon. Membre of the Sport and Citizenship Scientific Committee

“The transfer marlet and professional mobility”
Luc Misson, Lawyer to the Liège and Luxembourg  Bars

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