Sport, disabilities and accessibility 

journal n°37 by Think tank Sport and Citizenship

Thanks to the success of the Paralympic Games in Rio, 2016 will have enabled parasport and adapted sport to spark the genuine interest of the public at large as well as that of the media. The Games provided the opportunity to follow the performances of these remarkable champions, but also to underscore the diversity of sport activities and to ponder possible means to encourage it on a daily basis.

In order to follow up on the numerous works on the subject in which the Think tank Sport and Citizenship has already been involved, this issue of the journal revisits the known barriers and the potential actions that can be taken so that sport may be promoted for all, especially for those with physical, psychological or mental disabilities.

This journal was created with the support of the Malakoff Médéric group.


Point of view “Everyone needs to be educated in the area of inclusion”
Chris Agius Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Sport

Special Feature – Sport, Disabilities and Accessibility:

“The challenge of making sport accessible to all”
Sylvain Landa, Deputy Director of the Think tank Sport and Citizenship
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“Paris 2024 could be a boost”
Michaël Jérémiaz, World champion, paralympic wheelchair tennis champion and flag bearer for the French delegation during the Rio 2016 Paralympics Games

“Diversity is a big asset”
Emmanuelle Assmann, President of the French Paralympic and Sporting Committee

“The right to do sport”
Mai-Anh Ngo, Research engineer, Doctor and Senior lecturer in private law, Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, GREDEG

“Sport for persons with a disability – access and participation”
Roy Compte, Sociologist, Vice-President of the FFSA, and President of the International Francophone Confederation for Adapted Sport and Culture

“Empowerment gives control over their own life to youth with a disability”
Martin Breedijk, SEDY Project coordinator, Professorship “Power of Sport”, University of Amsterdam

“Improving autonomy and quality of life”
Jean-Michel Ricard, Co-founder and Director, Groupe Associatif Siel Bleu

“Sport is good for resilience”
Pr Hubert Ripoll, University professor, psychologist and essayist

“An agent of transformation for people with disabilities”
Sylvana Mestre, International Manager and Mariona Masdemont, International Projects Manager, Play and Train

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