Volunteering in sport: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

Special Issue Journal October 2011, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

 Everyone knows that volunteers are the backbone of the sports movement and that sport has a better chance than any other sector of meeting the aspirations of European citizens in all their diversity. Volunteering is therefore a catalyst that needs to be better supported, developed and, perhaps, understood.

Meeting the challenges of volunteering would also be a way of meeting the many challenges facing society as a whole. We think that Europe can become this playing field, for even if the current crisis has removed some certainties, it has shown us the need to defend, or perhaps to reinvent, a common European identity and a desire to live together. That is the exciting challenge which the stakeholders in civil society, in the sports movement, in the academic and business world, in European institutions and in national and local government will be facing in the future.


Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

 “We still have a long way to go”

Marian Harkin, Member of the European Parliament.

 Exclusive Interview

Viviane Reding, European Commission;

Mercedes Bresso, Committee of Regions

Special Feature –Volunteering in Sport: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges  

 “The scale of the involvement shows the strong interest in volunteering” 

Jeannette Bougrab, French Secretary of State.

  “The EU and volunteering- slow to take shape” 

Carole Pochon, Sport & Citizenship.

 “Volunteering at the heart of the Polish Presidency”

Malgorzata Szukalska-Wrona, Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

 “Sport and Volunteering in Europe”

Thierry Zintz, Université Catholique de Louvain.

 “A European overview”

Colin Miège, Sport & Citizenship.

 “Putting volunteering in the picture of European policymakers” 

Eva Hambach, European Volunter centre.

 “Now we can! Compare data on volunteering”

Fonovic & S. Iacobucci, Centro Servizio per il Volontariato del Lazio.

 “Systematically regulated volunteering is a must” 

Primoz Jamsek, Slovene Philanthropy Association.

 “Civic Service, useful experience for young people” 

Jean-Benoit Dujol, Service Civique Agency.

 “Enterprising volunteers, pioneers of the future” 

Jacques Defourney, Social Economy Centre.


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