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Combating the sedentary lifestyle

Revue 48 of Sport and Citizenship Think tank


The Covid-19 health crisis has brought whole sectors of society to a halt. In response to the urgent need to limit the spread of the virus, lockdowns were declared, so we have all lived through an extraordinary time. Yet, in spite of the uncertainties concerning health and finance, this period has given us time to think about the king of society we would like to build after the crisis.

In the world which many people are looking forward to after the crisis, sport and physical activity will definitely have an important role, whether it is as force for increased mobility,  an education lever, or a creator of social bonds.

We have been convinced of this for years in our Think tank as this special focus on combating the sedentary lifestyle shows. Although this revue had its inception before the current crisis, it makes a lot of sense in the period we are living through.

This revue was produced with the support of the Aplus Group. We are very grateful for their confidence in us and their commitment to preventing health problems through physical activity.




Point of view of the European Parliament

Tomasz Frankowski, MEPs European Parliament


Exclusive interviews

Mariya Gabriel, Comissioner for Innovation, Research, Education, Culture and Youth

Tomislav Druzak, State Secretary for Sport (Croatia)


Special Feature – Combating the sedentary lifestyle

“Sedentary behaviour: what do we mean and where are we?”

Benjamin Larras, Head of studies, National observatory of physical activity and sedentarity behaviour (ONAPS)

Combating the sedentary lifestyle in the National Sport-Health Strategy”

French Sport Ministry

“Change the Game, Umeå’s first steps as a physical literacy community”

Tom Englén, Physical literacy coordinator Change the Game

“Sedentary behaviour in the workplace”

Pauline Genin, Head o studies, National observatory of physical activity and sedentary behaviour (ONAPS)

“The “Active (working) life” ? The issues involved in combating sedentary behaviour at work”

Julien Pierre, Lecturer, University de Strasbourg

Lilian Pichot, Lecturer HDR, University de Strasbourg

“Yoga for Apprentices at La-Roche-sur-Yon”

Pays de la Loire state

“In Liverpool, a programme to get people moving in the workplace”

Nicky Yates, Strategic Physical Activity and Sport Development Manager, Liverpool City Council

Danny Woodworth, Physical activity and sport Officer (adult), Merseyside Sport (MSP)

“Talum, acting beyond company’s employees”

Louison Boussart-Turbet, Policy officer, Sport and Citizenship Thin tank

“Tackling sedentary lifestyles among football fans”

Matthew Philpott, PhD, Executive Director, European Healthy Stadia Network & Health Equalities Group

“Walking Football: taking off very fast”

French football federation

“MySens, a new experiential concept for reinforcing preventive healthcare”

Marc Dubois, President of the Sedan Ardennes Sport Club

Sébastien Lasnier, Researcher in neuroscience

“First steps for the Liv-Lab Sport in Angers”

Liv-Lab Sport Angers

“Increase input from all sport-health stakeholders”

Didier Ellart, vice-President of the national association of elected representatives responsible for sport (ANDES)


Sections Diversity / Fight against violence / Education / Governance / International development / Health




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