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First steps for the Liv-Lab Sport in Angers


To reinvent sport for the people most remote from its practice is the objective of the Liv-Lab Sport. This space in Angers dedicated to new ways of doing sport is meeting its first clients.


Sébastien Godard from the Public Health Authority in Angers sets out clearly the aims of the Liv-Lab Sport: to combat inactivity, and also to encourage research into new ways of doing sport in the context of mobility and physical activity.

This project supported by the local authority is the result of a response to a call for shows of interest run by the National Centre for the Development of Sport (CNDS). “The Mayor of Angers, Christophe Béchu, wanted the response to combine with the VYV Group, which had an innovative project for developing ways of doing sport”, recalls Sébastien Godard. “Group VYV’s ambition is to be an entrepreneur for better living. As the benefits of physical activity are well proven, internal and external synergies need to be created in order to offer services adapted to the needs of individuals and regions”, explains Pierre Brun, Director of VYV Engineering.


“Creating bridging workshops in virtual reality”

All the partners soon came to see the sense in specialising in virtual reality. “We wanted to devise a virtual reality tool which would enable sport practice to be adapted to the needs of the person”, says Sébastien Godard. “Once our dossier was accepted by the CNDS, we asked GOOVE and VR Connection to create this tool.”

Today, the Liv-Lab Sport is housed by GOOVE Angers, a Sport for Health facility offering personally adapted physical health programmes as well as initiation times for health and sport professionals. It opened on 13th February, and the first feedback has been very positive, with a new set of patients expected in September 2020. The project forms part of the rollout of Anger City Council’s Resource Centre for Sport for Health(CRSS). Run by the city in partnership with the CHU (hospital) and the Angers Institute for Sport and Physical Education and Training, the CRSS is a unique resource centre composed of sport doctors and adapted physical education teachers. The CRSS was awarded the “Maison Sport Santé” label by the Ministry of Sport, and offers an assessment (physical condition and motivation) and orientation service to patients who want to take up a regular, adapted physical activity or who have a medical prescription for this. “We are working on how the virtual reality element can be integrated into our assessment of patients, and on how to integrate the different Liv-Lab tools into bridging workshops lasting between 6 weeks and two months to get very delicate patients active again”, concludes Sébastien Godard.




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