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Measuring the social impact of sport

50th Sport and Citizenship journal


This 50th issue is dedicated to the major challenge of social impact and its evaluation; in other words, how to help political decision-makers, partners and funders of sport to measure the way a major sporting event, a mass gathering, or a socio-educational action can shift sociological balance, which are often fragile, and thus contribute to strengthening social cohesion.


Point of view of the European Parliament

“Rather than mere guidelines, we need a real sport legislation”

Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel, German MEP

Exclusive interview

Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 Organising Committee

Dossier spécial – Measuring the social impact of sport

Measuring the social impact of sport: the commitment of Sport and Citizenship

Julian Jappert, General director, Sport and Citizenship Think tank

How to measure impact ?

Emeline Stievenart, expert in social impact

Major events: reconciling economic, social and environmental impacts

Cyrielle Sénéchal-Chevalier & Avner Simeoni, Deloitte France

Gender equality: when will sport make use of academic research ?

Marie-Cécile Naves, member of Sport and Citizenship scientific committee

“The societal outcomes of sport are difficult to measure”

Interview of Jens De Rycke, PhD Student, Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Thinking about the legacy: a challenge and a necessity

Michaël Attali, VIPS² laboratory, Rennes University

Global sporting events and local development: boosting social impact

Karen Maguire, OECD

The social impact of sporting events

Jean-Loup Chappelet, Emeritus professor, Lausanne University, member of Sport and Citizenship scientific committee

Evaluating social impact: at last, a useful approach for sport projects

Manon Réguer-Petit & Emmanuel Rivat, Phare Agency

“We want to unite energies and make a difference”

Interview of Pierre Viriot, Director of the EDF-Paris2024 project, EDF

“Measuring impacts is vital. Otherwise, funding is limited”

Interview of Nelson Camara, Sport en commun director

Becoming the world’s leading sport foundation

Interview of Youri Djorkaeff, FIFA foundation

Societal overview of football: the reference report on the social impact of French football

Fondaction du Football

“Documenting the impact of sport for developing life skills”

Interview of Bruno Morel, Emmaüs Solidarités general director

“Understanding the impact of our policies on the regions and their inhabitants”

Interview of Malika Tararbit, Vice-president in charge of sport and outdoor activities for Loire-Atlantique Departement

Realising the value of volunteers

VECA project

“Measuring to improve our support schemes”

Interview of Roselyne Bienvenu, Regional Councillor and sports Delegate of the Pays de la Loire


Sustainable development



Sport et Citoyenneté in action

Commited athlete

Trustee’s word

Cédric Roussel


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