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FIRE : Football Including Refugees

FIRE aims to promote inclusion, participation, socialisation and access to sport for asylum-seekers, migrants and refugees. More specifically, FIRE intends to enhance the fostering of intercultural openness in football clubs by empowering and supporting them to work with the specified target group. Sport enables us to bring people together regardless of their nationality, citizenship, cultural background, legal status or any other variables of the likes. Ultimately, the FIRE project seeks to deliver a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that will contain suggestions, best practices, success factors and risk mitigation that will help local football clubs to implement programmes welcoming and integrating refugees. Several conferences will be held across Europe over the next 24 months, to showcase the project’s mapping of best practical and political practices; and a handful of selected local interventions will take place during FARE Network’s 2019 Football People action weeks. Both the interventions and conferences will enable the project consortium to present and discuss their work with experienced and potential stakeholders, making for the perfect occasions to adjust the MOOC’s content to the expressed need.


The project is led by Sport and Citizenship (France) and is further composed of 7 additional partners that are:

  • ESSCA School of Management (France)
  • Football Against Racism in Europe (United Kingdom)
  • Fundacion La Liga del Futbol Professional (Spain)
  • Fundacja Dla Wolnosci (Poland)
  • The Romanian Football Federation (Romania)
  • The Royal Belgian Football Association (Belgium)
  • The Scottish Football Association (United Kingdom)
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