Sport and Citizenship’s charter

Sport and Citizenship is a non for profit association

This Charter represents the commitment of Sport and Citizenship, its leaders, its members and its patrons to respect the following ethical rules of operation:


Sport and Citizenship‘s leaders are democratically elected by all members of the association, who may themselves apply for these functions. The association, in its statutes and practice, excludes indoctrination and guarantees a critical, open and personal reflection.


It upholds the principle of non-discrimination whether based on ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, religious or philosophical convictions.


It guarantees equal access of men and women to its governing bodies.


Sport and Citizenship‘s management is selfless:

  • The funds the association may benefit from are fully used to achieve its social purpose.
  • The accounts are transparent.
  • The resources of the association consist essentially of contributions of members, subsidies received from, donations and contributions from patrons.
  • In case of dissolution of the association, the assets will be donated to a charity.
  • No compensation for the Board members.
  • No direct or indirect distribution of profits.
  • No allocation of assets to members of the organization and their dependents.
  • Prohibition of agreements between themselves and their leaders or intermediaries, which might call into question the disinterested management of the association.
  • Possible surpluses at the end of a fiscal year will be fully reinvested in the following year to achieve the purpose of the association.


Sport and Citizenship has no commercial activity.


Sport and Citizenship‘s partners are supporting the think tank in a disinterested view whithin a patronage strategy and can not call into question either the disinterested management of the association nor its purpose.


Athletes, artists, scientists and other experts who help Sport and Citizenship to achieve its objectivesact without financial interests.


Sport and Citizenship consists of active members and benefactors.


Any citizen, legal person and private individual may be active members of Sport and Citizenship. Contribution rates are suitable for students and unemployed.

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These two categories of members share the objects of Sport and Citizenship, in this way they are disinterested. They are entitled to the quarterly report of the association through its journal.

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Sport and Citizenship undertakes to allocate donations from generous benefactors only to the fulfilment of its objects.

Sport and Citizenship act for !

Compliance with this Charter shows the sincerity of the genesis, functioning and purpose of Sport and Citizenship, its Board members, its members and its patrons.

The association also undertakes to respect the laws and regulations regarding the proper management of an association.


Sport et citoyenneté