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Sport and Citizenship is supported by the European Commission for managing European projects such as PASS, PACTE and FIRE, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme.

UEFA is the governing body of European football. It uses the power and popularity of football in order to support charities. UEFA supports the development of Sport and Citizenship since its very beginning in 2007.


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Audencia Business School shape and guide their development of students willing to assert themselves as managers and responsible entrepreneurs, mastering the best techniques, open to the world and culture, attentive to make sense of their decisions and their actions. To do this, Audencia Business School produces and disseminates knowledge into useful management academic disciplines, business and teaching. Cooperation with Sport and Citizenship takes place especially at the Specialized Master in Management of Organisations of Sport (MOS) Audencia Business School.














The Française des Jeux operates lottery games and sports betting in France. It has been over the last 30 years the first partner of French sport. As part of its corporate citizenship and social around sports, the Française des Jeux has come close to Sport and Citizenship since 2010 in order to develop his thoughts and reflections.












Since it is committed to sports values –which emphasise collective responsibility and self-transcendence, naturally, the MAIF is close to the sports world. A partner in school and university sports, the organisation provides longterm insurance to sports associations, clubs and federations, with which it maintains strong ties, trust and shares common values. The MAIF seeks to encourage and accommodate the practice of sport because it is a means of strengthening social connections, civic engagement and confidence, both in oneself and in others.







The passion for sport and its importance in people’s lives are among the founding values of Nike’s brand. In May 2010, Nike has teamed up with Sport and Citizenship in a common desire to promote the values of sport and advance major societal debates.




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