“A European Think tank dedicated to the study of sport”

Sport and Citizenship is a Think tank created in Brussels in September 2007, a few weeks after the adoption of the European Commission’s White Paper on sport. Today, it is the only Think tank in Europe, whose social objective is the analysis of sporting politics and the study of sport’s societal impact. Independent and apolitical, Sport and Citizenship has ten years of expertise and benefits from a recognition by public authorities and stakeholders of European sport. It is therefore regularly consulted by international and European institutions, the Member States, the sports movement and civil society which recognise it as a privileged interlocutor in this field.

A plurality of actions

Sport and Citizenship produces a comprehensive reflection on these challenges, by uniting more than 300 experts within a Scientific Committee and thematic networks. The objective is to reach, via a transversal and multi-disciplinary reflection, an exchange of ideas feeding the Think tank’s works. The promotion of these works occurs via publications, conferences, communication actions and a privileged access to media. These tools favour the transfer of experiences and expertise and enable the Think tank to take part in the public debate.

Sport and Citizenship’s goal is to be a part of the construction process of public, national and European policies, in the fields of sport, health, education and citizenship.

Our values

Common good
Sport, in its many facets, is a pertinent and underestimated field of study. It is a powerful tool, which must play its part solving different societal issues.

The ideas defended  and suggestions defended and put forward by the Think tank are at the service of the common good and of as many people as possible. Sport and Citizenship is apolitical, as we believe that sport transcends partisan divides.

Sport and Citizenship offers a European approach, supported by a benchmark and by the promotion of good practices. Its recommendations are supported by the expertise of European specialists.

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