For more than 10 years, the mission of Sport and Citizenship has been to study, assess and promote the social and civic role of sport in France and in Europe, in contact with national, European and international decision-makers from the worlds of politics and sport. It is therefore regularly consulted on the question of measuring the social impact of sport.

While the economic impact of sports programs or major events is often measured, it is essential today to focus on the effect of sport on society and to perceive its impact on social transformations.



« Social impact consists of all the consequences (developments, changes and break ups) of an organisation’s activities on direct or indirect external stakeholders (beneficiaries, users and clients) in its area, on people within the organisation (employees, volunteers) and on society in general.»

source: higher council of the social and solidarity economy


  Why measure its social impact?

Measuring the social impact of a program, a project, an event, a campaign makes it possible to conceive of its improvement, based on tangible feedback, and also contributes to a better appropriation of the challenges of the part of the actors in the field by demonstrating in a factual manner the effectiveness (or not) of the mobilization of sport as a vector of social bond. In short, it is a question of knowing if your social objectives are achieved or how to achieve them?



Our approach to measuring social impact is likely to address a wide variety of players in the sports world:

  • Organisers of major international sporting events (MISE)
  • Economic stakeholders (advertisers, foundations and other funders)
  • Operators in the sport domain (either from the sport movement (affiliated or delegated federations, leagues, clubs and associations) or from sporting event planners)
  • The State and local authorities
  • Organisations for social utility (and others with projects using sport as a force for social inclusione)

Sport and Citizenship Label

The Sport and Citizenship Label will raise the profile of the impact from projects supported by the Think Tank. It is based on a quality approach and focuses on a set of confidential criteria, the framework of which is given to leaders of the projects supported.

What is the benefit for project leaders?
Enhanced visibility for projects
Obtaining a recognised label gives project leaders the chance to show what they have achieved in terms of social impact. This enhanced visibility confirms the quality of the initiatives awarded the label and should facilitate the communication and dissemination steps.
Confirming the impactful nature of a scheme through the label
The Sport and Citizenship Label aims to help project leaders to maximise their social impact. It provides a view of the progress of missions and sets clear and simple objectives for developing projects which make an impact.


The label is divided into 3 levels:

Level 1 : Solidarity project

  • The project is socially useful
  • The project uses sport in a relevant way
  • The project achieves some of its objectives
  • The project plays a part in driving change

Level 2 : Citizen project

  • The project reaches a reduced number of beneficiaries
  • The project adopts innovative measures
  • The project achieves most of its objectives
  • The project has cross-cutting activity
  • The social effects of the project are numerous and consolidated
  • The project involves stakeholders from the sport ecosystem

Level 3 : Sport and Citizenship project

  • The project is aimed at a significant number of people
  • The social impact of the project is significant, sustainable and long-term
  • The project is a vector for social change
  • The project meets all its objectives
  • The project management is structured and transparent
  • The project forms part of a well-developed spin-off strategy
  • The project’s successes are identified in a deliverable of good practices
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Press kit about the Measuring of the Social Impact of Sport produced by Sport and Citizenship.

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