Our members, parteners and patrons

Joining Sport and Citizenship means above all supporting and getting involved with the first European Think tank on sport. This also means sharing our philosophy: analysing the societal impact of sport in an attempt to utilise it in order to serve the society.

Sport and Citizenship is an association and gathers all those who are interested in its social objective and who wish to follow its efforts. By subscribing, you become a member of Sport and Citizenship will have the chance to take part in the life of our Think Tank. This is a yearly subscription and coincides with the Think Tank’s financial year (from the January 1st to December 31st).

In addition, we at Sport and Citizenship are pleased and honoured to have the continued support of several patrons and partners thanks to which we can fulfill our various missions.

In accordance with articles 200.1b and 238Bis  of the General Tax Code, monies paid to public interest organisations and those that are considered gifts are eligible for tax reductions. Once your subscription has been received a tax receipt can be sent to you upon your request.




Sport et citoyenneté