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The main goal of the PASS project is to propose political and strategic actions in order to promote physical activity in Europe. It is inspired by the Designed to Move campaign, already launched on several other continents.More specifically, the starting point of the reflexion is an alarming situation: levels of physical inactivity have reached an unprecedented peak in Europe. Indeed, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey on Sport and Physical Activity, 42% of EU citizens do not engage in physical activity at all.Consequently, our project aims at:

  • Documenting… the scale, costs and consequences of the physical activity crisis in Europe.
  • Raising awareness… of the physical inactivity crisis to decision-makers – and the need to make HEPA more of a transversal political priority.
  • Engaging… change-makers and sport prescribers in critical sectors to show how HEPA can align with their objectives.

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Workshop reports : 


thumbnail of REPORT – WORKSHOP #1 Ljubljana June 2016

Workshop #1 Report – Health

thumbnail of REPORT – WORKSHOP #2 Berlin September 2016

Workshop #2 Report – Education

thumbnail of REPORT – WORKSHOP #3 Ljubljana November 2016

Workshop #3 Report – Grassroot sport

thumbnail of REPORT – WORKSHOP #4 Munich February 2017

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