Our Communication Partners

They support us in the dissemination of our projects

These partners – public or private,  assist us in the creation and communciation of our projects by contributing to the debate of ideas within our Think tank.





Sport and Citizenship has exclusive access to the European Parliament’s studio for the filming of its ‘Sport Corner’ episodes. In addition, Sport and Citizenship monitors the work of the European Parliament’s Sport Intergroup.






Sport and Citizenship is a partner of  “Sexisme, Pas notre Genre !” , a campaign piloted by the Ministry of Familiy Affairs, Childhood and Women’s Rights. The campaign is apart of the action and mobilisation plan against sexism.




Sport and Citizenship was recognised as an Ambassador of the ‘Réserve citoyenne de l’Éducation Nationale’. This Reserve enables citizens –men and women, members or non-members of associations, who wish to share their professional and personal experience. These are priceless contributions for the transmission of the Republic’s values.


Associations and national groups



Sport and Citizenship is a partner of the National Association of Elected Officials in charge of Sport (ANDES) and particularly assists in the implementation of the ‘Active and Sport Cities’ label, co-constructed by the Ministry of Urban Affaires, Youth and Sport and the ‘Union Sport & Cycles





Sport and Citizenship is a member of SPORSORA, an association comprised of sports economy stakeholders. Our Think tank participates especially in the work of the CSR Commission.


NGOs and associations



Sport and Citizenship is a member of the Sportanddev community which is a networking platform entirely dedicated to sport.




Sport and Citizenship shares the UFOLEP’s values and collaborates with this federation in order to draw the place of sport in our society to the attention of the public authorities.






Play International an international solidarity association which shares many values with Sport and Citizenship. This cooperation notably takes the form of the Think tank’s pariticipation in ‘Playground’, the first forum devoted to sports, education and social change stakeholders.


Think tanks




Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors is a research institute committed to promoting a ‘social Europe’. Its founder, Jacques Delors, is one of the very first political figures to have given his support for the conception of Sport and Citizenship. 




L’Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) is a French Think tank which analyses geopolitical and strategic themes. Sport and Citizenship collaborates with IRIS in its work on sports diplomacy.


Medias and professionnal sites



Sport and Citizenship is a partner of Jurisport, the judicial and economic sports journal.





Sport and Citizenship is a partner of the quarterly multisports magazine for women’s sports stakeholders, ‘Les Sportives’.




Sportcarriere.com is the only company in France that proposes a 100% sports Human Resources offer: a custom-designed service for the dissemination of sports positions and candidate selections.




‘Toute l’Europe’ is an information portal dedicated to European politics. Sport and Citizenship contributes to the web sites’ sports section.

Sport et citoyenneté