Sport in the workplace

Journal n°22, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

The beginning of 2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Elysee Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Franco-German Friendship. Although it was not included in the original Treaty, sport is now one of the sectors that bring the populations on both sides of the Rhine together. The increasing number in exchanges, particularly through the Franco-German Youth Office, has given many generations the chance to get to know the others and their history and culture better and has served to cement the European construction.

To know the other, his/her history and expectations.. That is also the key to success in a flourishing relationship between sport and business. There are many connections between these two sectors: from economic relations to management techniques, sport and business are no strangers to one another. However, the current period of unprecedented financial crisis with increasing physical inactivity posing a real threat to public health, new problems are emerging. They imply a new redefinition of work, taking full account of well-being and movement in pursuit of productivity. They also require a new relationship with other stakeholders and the sports movement is in the front line. So how can physical activity be used to improve employee health?


Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

 “To make sport as a priority focus for regional policy”

Sean Kelly, Member of the European Parliament.

 Exclusive Interview

Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister-delegate in charge of European affairs at the Foreign Affairs Ministry for France;

Michael Link, deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Secretary general for franco-German cooperation.

Special Feature –Sport in the workplace  

 “Sport in the workplace” 

Julian Jappert, Director of Sport and Citizenship.

 Sport for health and well-being in the workplace « 

Marie-Cécile Naves, Head of mission at the Strategic Analysis Centre.

 “Promoting workplace wellness at sports stadia settings”

Matthew Philpott, Director of European Healthy Stadia Network.

 “CNOSF, CSR and Sport: a new economy of values”

Françoise Sauvageot, Vice-President delegate of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee.

 “A factor for cohesion and personal development” 

Jean-Michel Jaud, SOMFY.

Sport and Citizenship in action

“A ‘Sport Corner’ at the European Parliament!” 

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