Sport and Violence in Europe

Journal n°20, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

The fight against doping and corruption was on the European sport Forum’s programme at Nicosia in mid September, and in this journal you can see the main conclusions reached.

We think EU action in sport is justified for another reason: the need to reinvent a European sentiment today. The current crisis engenders tension and parochialism. Economic Europe is wavering, and with it the European project. Every four years, at the time of the Olympics, the idea of a single European delegation arises. However romantic (unrealistic?) this idea may be, it does least raise question about Europe and highlight unifying rather than divisive factors. Sport is definitely in the first category.




Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

 “The main cause behind the rise of violence is corruption”

Gergios Papastamkos, Member of the European Parliament.

 Exclusive Interview

Giorgos Demosthenous, Cyrpiot Minister for Education and Culture.

Special Feature – Sport and Violence in Europe

“For a civic management of public measures and real prevention of violence in sport programmes”

Bodin & F. Le Yondre, Sociologists of the VIP&S Laboratory, Rennes University.

 “Sharing knowledge to combat bad behaviour in sport” 

Valérie Fourneyron, French Minister of Sport, Youth, Popular Education and the Voluntary Sector.

 “Preventing Sexualised violence in sport” 

Daniel Rhind, Brunel University- UK.

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