Sport and Sustainable Development

Journal n°5, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

To bring this year to a close, we’d like to offer you some original thinking on sport and sustainable development.

This is not the most obvious combination of ideas. True, the notion of sustainable development has become so deeply ingrained in modern life that we might easily settle on the basic question: how sport can help us to protect the environment. But the subject is ultimately far more complex. We are faced with a set of economic, social and human challenges that demand a global response cutting across many sectors, as well as individual contributions from citizens.

We don’t intend to examine every aspect of the question; our coming issues will go into more detail. Nonetheless, with the help of several European specialists, we attempt to identify what a coherent policy for sustainable sport might look like.

We’ve approached the problem from different angles. Our aim is to reach a basic consensus about a way of governing sport that would better respond to the needs of social cohesion, economic fair-play, human well-being and respect for natural resources and those around us. All of this requires an exchange of best practice and greater interaction among the main players; the creation of a European research capability devoted to these questions; and a greater harmonisation of the rules in force.

Our national and European institutions, the sporting movement, certain corporations but also a number of athletes and individuals have already understood the need to take action. This commitment is genuine but sometimes not enough. Let’s find the courage to live up to our good intentions- and let’s do it now.


Table of Contents:


Maud Fontenoy, Maud Fontenoy Foundation.

Pàl Schmitt, MEP.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP.

Special Feature – Sport and Sustainable Development

 » To activate the Pierre de Coubertin action plans « 

 » Sport and Environment- possible conflicts and their solutions « 

Hans-Joachim Schemel, Environmental and Leisure professor at the Munich University

 » Sport, a public commodity? The case for an economic regulation of world sport « 

Alain Loret, Dean of the Sport Sciences Faculty at the Rouen University

 » Human relations and the development of sport « 

Evariste Tshimanga Bakadiababu, Chairman of the ACDISS, PhD in Economics

 » Energy efficiency and the WFSGI « 

Chairman of “Energy and Climate” Nike

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