Active Cities

Journal 42 from Sport and Citizenship

Nowadays, 80% of Europeans live in urban areas, and this phenomenon is likely to increase with the rapid expansion of our towns and cities. Cities are facing numerous challenges: they are expected to become smarter, greener, safer, more mobile, more responsive to their citizens and more collaborative…and more active! In fact, whether we are talking about mobility, planning, infrastructure, or local policies for education, health and sport, the local level seems to be the perfect setting for all the stakeholders, public and private, to come up with creative ideas.

To give substance to this concept, this revue includes several contributions on the theme of “active cities” and some examples. Over the next few months and years we will be continuing to reflect on this topic, particularly through our new European project (PACTE), supported by the European Commission (Erasmus+ Sport programme). PACTE aims to be a catalyst for raising awareness, conveying information and planning and promoting physical activity at the local level. More information in our upcoming journals.


Point of View – EU News

“Sport has potential to tackle contemporary social challenges”

Bogdan Wenta, Vice-Chair of th European Parliament Sports Intergroup

Exclusive interviews

Krasen Kralev, Bulgarian Minister for Youth and Sport

Joint interview – Laura Flessel, French Minister for Sport and Nathalie Loiseau Minsiter with the Minister of Foreign affairs

Special feature – Active cities

“PACTE: Active cities at the heart of a new European project”

Maxime Leblanc, EU Manager, Sport and Citizenship Think tank 

“Active cities: a European perspective”

Roland Farkas, Policy Assistant, Sport Unit Directorate-General for Education, Youth, sport and Culture – European Commission

“Promouvoir l’activité physique en transformant les espaces publics”

WHO – Gehl Institute

“Living in a WEIRD city”

Richard Bailey, Manager “Sport and Health”, international Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) 

“Building Global Active Cities for tomorrow” 

Jean-François Laurent, on behalf of the Active Well-Being Initiative

“An innovative project based on local associations”

Interview – Françoise Sauvageot

“Digitalisation and automation of transport: how sport can speed things up”

Julia Pallé and Neil Beecroft, members of the executive committee of Sport and Sustainability International

“The italian way in disseminating active cities good practices”

Paolo Testa, head of steudies, Italian National Association of Municipalities

“Winning back our territory to give Parisian tranquil spaces to live in”

Interview  – Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

“Play and sport can help kids realize their full potential”

Interview – Jorge Casimiro, Nike’s Vice-president of Community impact

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