EMoCS project

« European Meetings of Company Sport »

The negative effects of sedentarism are gaining increased recognition in spheres exceeding that of physical health, like is the case of the work place. Indeed as a majority of Europeans spend a large part of their adult life within the workplace, and usually do so sitting down, there appears to be true potential for the professional environment to contribute to changing physical activity habits. In this sense, the European project aims to make sports practice at work a national public commitment for all European countries, to identify the Best practices and driving forces that generate sport at work, and finally the project seeks to convince decision-makers to organise sport promotion initiatives within the professional setting and to remove all obstacles facing the implementation of sport at the workplace. In addition, EMoCS seeks to organise a European fair of company sport in Brussels, during the Workplace focus of the European Week of sport (September 27, 2018).

All the above are thought to contribute to the final objective that is the creation of a European label for companies facilitating the practice of sport within the professional setting.

The project is led by the European Federation of Company Sports (France) and is further composed of 8 additional partners that are:

The project will run for 24 months, and started in January 2018 with the Kick off meeting that was held in Paris (France).

Sport & Citizenship’s role throughout this project consists in supporting the conferences’ organisation, writing the guidebooks to for them, and supporting the organisation of the presentation results.

Sport et citoyenneté