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Gender and Sport

Journal 46 from Sport and Citizenship Think Tank


The Women’s Football World Cup shining the spotlight on the issues and development potential in this discipline. FIFA has adopted its global Women’s Football Strategy and UEFA has adopted a five-year plan aimed at doubling the number of women players in Europe by 2024.

These initiatives should not be limited to football alone and must not be allowed to fade out after the closing ceremony. We need to make the most of this enthusiasm by adopting general measures to encourage everyone to do some kind of sport or physical activity, everywhere. Although the gap in sport participation is narrowing, there is still a lot of inequality between men and women, which is more or less marked depending on age and geographical location.

Of course, sport cannot do everything, but it should contribute to social progress.

In this review we are following up these lines of reflection, with different points of view.



Point of view 

« A major national cause »

Françoise Gatel, Senator of Ille et Vilaine

Exclusive Interview

Fatma Samoura, FIFA Secretary General

Joyce Cook, FIFA Chief Member Associations Officer

Sarai Bareman, FIFA Chief Women’s Football Officer


Special Feature – Gender and Sport

« Putting Women’s sport in the spotlight »

Interview of Erwan Le Prévost, Director of the Organizing Committee for 2019 World Cup

« Take advantage of the World Cup spotlight  »

Interview of Yann Cucherat, Deputy Mayor of Lyon in charge of sport, major events and tourism

« Letting girls flourish through sport »

Interview of Véronique Faujour, Director of Group Marketing and Customer Communication for Crédit Agricole S.A

« An accelerator of our sport’s structuring and popularity »

Interview of Candice Prévost, a former footballer at PSG and Ambassador of Sport and Citizenship

The Struggle for Women’s Football in the Middle East

Honey Thaljieh, Co-founder and first national football captain of Palestine. Corporate communications’ manager for FIFA

On the Road of Normalisation

Albrecht Sonntag, Professor of European Studies, ESSCA School of Management and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

A Media Opportunity to Seize

Nicolas Delorme, Lecturer in STAPS, University of Bordeaux and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

The professionnalisation of women’s football – a distant reality ?

Alexandre Diallo, Associate research fellow, Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

Accelerating social change

Julian Jappert, Director general, Sport and Citizenship Think Tank

Women and sport: One Win Leads to Another

Céline Mas, President UN Women France

Gender Equality is the Move !

Miren Bengoa, Delegate General, the Fondation Chanel

Combating gender stereotyping in and through sport, all over the world

Marie-Cécile Naves, Director of studies, Sport and Citizenship Think Tank

Using football to foster social integration of female refugees in Hungary

Dora Gottgeisl, Project coordinator and social worker, Oltalom Sport Association

Towards (more) gender-sensitive sports policies

Marija Cmkovic, Head of Service for International co-operation and EU funds, Central State Office for Sport of Croatia. Member of the Governing Board and Bureau of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) and appointed as rapporteur for gender equality

Promoting gender equality throught mega sporting events : opportunities and challenges

Sarah Murray, U. S and Global Catalyse Director, Women Win

An event’s social legacy : from plans to action

Michaël Attali, University Professor, Director of the VIPS Laboratory, Rennes 2, University and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

The Semenya case : imposed, harmonized feminity

Jacob Kornbeck, European civil servant external lecturer at the German Sport University in Cologne and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship


Sections : Gender equality / Education / Health

Sport and Citizenship in action ! 


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