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Inclusion Through Sport

Journal 47 from Sport and Citizenship Think tank 


In our societies, sport can no longer be seen just as competition. It can no longer be seen just as competition. It can no longer be ignored as a lever in cross-cutting public policies and social innovations. Among the many virtues attributed to sport, inclusion is one of the main ones.

In France, the last few decades have seen various policies aimed at integrating sections of the population alienated from sport or seen as vulnerable. the aims pursued are multiple, from easier access to traditional sports structures to help getting a job, not forgetting strengthening social capital and self-esteem.

That is the context for this issue of our review. We hope it will useful insights into the issues relating to social inclusion through sport by showing concrete examples from France and the rest of Europe.

In this review we are following up these lines of reflection, with different points of view.





Exclusive Interview

Hanna Kosonen, Minister of Science and Culture and former ski-orienteering competitor


Special Feature – Inclusion Through Sport

« Sport for social inclusion for the precariat: what are we talking about?»

François Le Yondre, Lecturer in STAPS, Researcher in Sport Sociology, University of Rennes 2. Member of the VIPS2 laboratory. Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

« Running to stay off the streets »

Alex Eagle, co-founder and CEO, The Running Charity

« Cardiff, host of the 2019 Homeless World Cup »

Fondation Homeless World Cup

« EMMAÜS Solidarité’s Sport Mission »

Luisa Landa, Head of EMMAÜS Solidarité’s Sport, Games and Leisure Mission.

« Supporting individual and collective empowerment »

Jean-Louis Provost, Président, Pays de la Loire, Regional Sport for All Committee

« The winning match plan »

Albrecht Sonntag, Professor of European Studies, ESSCA School of Management and Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

« Do Refugees enjoy a Right to Sport? Recent developments »

Jacob Kombeck, European civil servant, external lecturer at the German Sport University, Cologne. Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

« Networking of social inclusion projects in Europe »

Interview of Mogens Kirkeby, president of ISCA and member of the EPAS Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe

«Sport as a support tool at the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers »

Anne Tatu, Sociologist, in charge of sports policy at the University of Franche-Comté. Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

Benjamin Coignet, Sociologist, head of the LPro ISMS, University of Franche-Comté

« The FFF committeed to helping displaced persons »

French Football Federation

« It’s time to encourage sport for all »

Laetitia Habchi, “Sport and Development” Advisor at the French Agency for Development (AFD)

« Inside the new football league »

La Liga

« Prison sport policies: overview and outlook »

Gaëlle Sempé-Huard, Lecturer in STAPS, University of Rennes 2, Member of the VIPS laboratory. Member of the scientific committee of Sport and Citizenship

« Etnoliga : a safe and friendly environment for sport »

Krzysztof Jarymowicz, Project Manager “Sport and Integration”, Fundacja dla Wolności


Sections : Gender equality / Education / Health / Inclusion / International Development / Voluntary / Economy

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