Sport and Diversity

Journal n°30, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

Paris, Copenhagen and Tunis today; Brussels, London, Madrid and New York in the past… History reminds us that no country and no culture is safe from barbaric acts.

Each tragedy brings out its share of explanations and theories. The same observations are often made: the weakening of the State, the breakdown of social cohesion, unemployment, the deep crisis, the failure of integration, parochialism, stigmatization, fear of people who are different and the rise of extremism. The same objectives are set: strengthening the sense of community and commitment to democracy or the Republic. In striving for these objectives, sport is never far away. With its well-vaunted values, it is seen as the ideal space for action. Sport conveys the values attributed to it however. It is a (wonderful) tool for transmitting ideas and has great educational power. But it can also, sometimes, reinforce exclusion and parochialism. Sport therefore needs to subscribe to the widest political context and needs to be seen not as an end in itself, but more as a means to important added value.

Our subject this quarter echoes this observation. Promoting diversity goes beyond the sport framework. Politics, culture, the cinema and the elite have all been criticized for not presenting a true reflection of society. So, what can be done to help involve each person, whatever their diversity or their special characteristics, in the future of the country? What can sport try to do in order to change things for the better? We have chosen to address this diversity from multiple perspectives, through obviously non-exhaustive contributions. We think that the calmest society is one which accepts differences and sees them as enriching and the basis of unity. “United in Diversity” is actually the motto of the European Union – a little-known motto, but one which makes a lot of sense in this sad beginning to the year.

Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News:

Marc Tarabella, European Parliament.

Michel Platini, UEFA.

Special Feature – Sport and Diversity :

 » The blend of our different skills, personalities and cultures « 

Christian Karembeu, Olympiakos.

  » The success of any project depends on the strength of the team « 

Joyce Cook, CAFE.

 » Giving amateur clubs the means to get organised « 

Laurent Thieule, Sport and Citizenship.

 » Europe takes a step in the right direction « 

Michael Trinker, Council of Europe.

 » Team Jolokia: making actions speak luder than words « 

Pierre Meisel, Team Jolokia.

 » Women’s sport: a strategic choice at the heart of the Eurosport’s DNA « 

Arnaud Simon, EUROSPORT.

Sport and Citizenship in action:

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