Sustainable Financing of Sport

Journal n°31, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

Since Tuesday 23 June 2015, Paris has officially been a candidate city to host the 2024 summer Olympic Games: a long-awaited decision which seems to meet with unanimous approval. The ceremony unveiling the French candidacy was organized with perfect timing on June 23rd, the official Olympic Day, in the presence of numerous medal winners as a testimony to this enthusiasm.

Paris will have to face strong competition from other candidate cities. Boston, Hamburg, Rome and Budapest all have strong cases for winning the bid. The fact that four European cities are in contention, however, raises certain questions. Should we reflect upon implementing a European strategy on the hosting of major sporting events? Two reasons could justify the creation of greater consistency: the IOC’s custom of alternating host cities according to their continent, and the cost of hosting the Olympics. This is the complaint most often heard to justify the fact that a city is not a candidate. By announcing Games which will be modest and reasonable (6 billion euros, or half the cost of the London Olympics in 2012), Paris wishes to take the opposite approach to recent examples, where organisational budgets far exceeded projected spending. There is no doubt that, if the bid is successful, public opinion will be particularly attentive to this point.

The financing and legacy of major sporting events, and, more broadly speaking, the funding of sport, with its needs to adapt to the context of crisis, are the main theme of this journal.

Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

Santiago Fisas-Ayxela, European Parliament.

Thierry Braillard, French Ministry of Sports.

Special Feature – Sustainable Financing of Sport  

 » We have to mobilise long-term investments « 

Christian Helmenstein, Institute for Sport Economics.

  » To come up with a project that will benefit the country for decades to come « 

Christophe Dubi, 2024 Olympic Games Executive director.

 » Shared value from responsible funding « 

Magali Tézenas du Montcel, SPORSORA.

 » Promoting the values of sport is the best way of developing its value « 

Charles Lantieri,  Française des Jeux.

 » Public authorities have to ensure equal access to sport « 

Hubert Genjeys, Nestlé Waters.

 » Crowdfunding: a good opportunity for sport « 

Guillaume Gibon, Fosburit.

Sport and Citizenship in action

From para-sport awareness-raising towards day-to-day participation: the EWoS ability LINK*KIT project

PASS project first Steering Committee

SEDY European Project

Sport Coach UK’s involvement with the SCORE Project

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