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 September is traditionally the month when people join sports clubs and associations, and September 2015 was marked by a series of events encouraging this.

First of all, a political move. In France, the Ministry of Education launched the Year of Sport in School and University, with the intention of encouraging young people to do sport throughout their studies, and mobilising the educational community around the values transmitted by sport. The educational milieu was also central to the 6th edition of the “Sentez-Vous Sport” programme. This week promoting grass roots sport, organised by the CNOSF was partly based around the National Day for School Sport (16th Sept.), which this year reached nearly 800, 000 pupils, their teachers and parents. It was a popular success which needs to be maintained and reinforced, particularly in the light of the Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics, as the CNOSF President, Denis Masseglia, outlines in this revue. This event is increasingly successful and it now fits into a more universal context, since the first European Week of Sport (EWoS) was held at the beginning of September, in 30 European countries, under the slogan #BeActive.

Although the impact of this week is not yet as important as other European schemes, this edition still served to launch the movement and bring together numerous stakeholders.

Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

Virginie Rozières, European Parliament.

Romain Schneider, Council of the European Union.

Special Feature – European Week of Sport  

 » Making EWoS an event that people across Europe look forward to « 

Tibor Navracsics, European Commission.

  » It is our responsibility to promote physical activity « 

Laurent Petrynka, UNSS & ISF.

 » Sport needs to get to work « 

Julien Pierre, Strasbourg University.

 » Between 5 and 8 million people heard the message in Sentez-Vous Sport « 

Denis Masseglia, CNOSF.

 » A form of shared enjoyment which could lead to a dialogue « 

William Gaillard, UEFA.

 » A city is competitive thanks to education, sport and culture « 

Anton Rombouts, Dutch Olympic Committee.

 » Why promote outdoor sports during the European Week of Sport?  « 

Denis Broissière, French Ministry of towns, youth and sport.

Sport and Citizenship in action

Sport and Citizenship moves to the House of Sports!

A Toolbox for growth of the EWoS

SEDY European Project

Update on PASS project


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