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News from the European Parliament

July 2022

The European Parliament’s leading sports figures met with FIFA officials on July 9th to discuss football and society

The European Parliament’s leading sports figures met with FIFA officials on July 9th to discuss football and society. They discussed the reform of the transfer system, human rights issues in football, the development of women’s football and the protection of children in sport. European Parliament representatives such as Tomasz Frankowski, Marc Tarabella and Tiziana Beghin welcomed this meeting to encourage ethical practices in the world of football.

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February 2022 

The Culture and Education Committee (CULT) proposes measures to fight against racism and discrimination in culture, education, media, and sport sectors 

In a resolution adopted on Monday 7 February, Members of Parliament call on EU countries to take measures to address the structural roots of racism and discrimination. They also call on the member states to agree on the “Anti-discrimination” directive that has been blocked in the Council since 2008. 

Regarding sports, Members of Parliament wish that the Commission develop recommendations to combat racism in sport at local, regional, national, and European levels in order to foster inclusion and respect. They also urge relevant actors to adopt measures to support victims of hate crimes in sports. 

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November 2021 

The European Parliament approves report on the future of sport policies in Europe 

On the 23th of November, the European Parliament voted in favor of the report on the future of the European Union sports policy (by 597 votes in favor to 36 against and 55 abstentions), which Sport and Citizenship contributed to. This report calls upon the European Commission, the Member States and other stakeholders to support the sport sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and to promote inclusion, equity and social role of sport. 

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October 2021 

The European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education calls for a values-based EU sports model

On 26 October, the CULT Committee adopted a report to have more EU policy involvement with Europe’s sporting landscape “to encourage a fairer model that aligns with EU values” (solidarity, sustainability, inclusiveness, fairness…). Members of the European Parliament expressed strong opposition to “breakaway competitions that undermine these standards and endanger the stability of the overall sports ecosystem”. The full Parliament will vote on the report during the November plenary session in Strasbourg on 22–25 November. 

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Launch of the second edition of the Gender Equality Week 

From 25-28 October, the European Parliament held its second European Gender Equality Week. The CULT Committee set out how European programs have contributed to provide equal opportunities and can further contribute. In the field of sport, the CULT Committee wishes for increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions and coaching, to promote equal conditions for all athletes, and to enhance media coverage on women. 

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The role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism 

The study on the “Role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism” has been published on 21st October. Its main objective is to inform and provide expertise to the members of the European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education for an own-initiative report of the same name. In this framework, sport can offer many opportunities to prevent discrimination and racism, providing bonding and bringing social capital for its participants. Moreover, it can be a cause for great concern regarding discriminations and racism. 

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2022 will be the European Year of Youth 

The European Commission has adopted on 14 October its formal proposal to make 2022 the European Year of Youth. This proposal aims to give more and better opportunities for the future to young people. Sport can play a role by enabling young people to access sporting opportunities after the Covid-19 pandemic and by supporting healthy lifestyles. 

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The European Youth Event 2021: “The future is ours” 

On 8-9 October took place the European Youth Event (EYE2021). This event was an opportunity for 16 to 30 years old to interact online and in Strasbourg at the European Parliament about the future of Europe. Several proposals were collected in the framework of the European Parliament’s youth consultation process for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Among them, some ideas dealt with sport and the way we can use it to reach certain aims: use sport for social cohesion and health, subsidies for sports… 

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September 2021 

Conference on the Future of Europe: European Citizens’ Panels go online 

In the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe was held the first session of the European Citizens’ Panels in virtual format. 200 randomly citizens were selected from different backgrounds and from all across the EU. The first Panel congregated on 17-19 September and focused on a stronger economy, social justice, jobs / education, youth, culture, and sport / digital transformation. On sport, the main topics discussed were the promotion of sporting and cultural opportunities for families, the promotion of cost-effective offers for inclusion and integration of disadvantaged groups, and Europe’s role in the promotion of sports. The second session was held on 5-7 November.  

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August 2021

EU sports policy: assessment and possible ways forward

On 31 August, the CULT Committee discussed the draft report on “EU sports policy: assessment and possible ways forward” published in June 2021. The Rapporteur seeks to put forward concrete proposals and recommendations covering seven thematic strands (the principles of a European sport model, promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, the role of sport in the transition to a sustainable and innovative future…). The deadline for tabling amendments is on 9 September and the draft report is expected to be voted in Committee on 25/26 October.

July 2021

Study on “large sporting events: Human rights as a game changer ?”

Requested by the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) on the occasion of the workshop “Large Sporting Events: Human Rights as a Game Changer?” organized on 25 May, a study of the same name was recently published by the European Parliament. It makes six recommendations to the European Union to fill gaps in obligations and responsibilities to prevent human rights abuses and promote human rights in the context of Mega-Sporting Events.

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June 2021

Study on “EU sports policy: assessment and possible ways forward”

During the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) meeting on Tuesday 22 June, a study has presented policy options in four key areas to better coordinate European sports politics and policies. The first option covers the need for stronger coordination, the second aims at the setting of thematic priorities, the third addresses the reinforcement of the role of the EP in sport and the fourth option stipulates enhanced monitoring.

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February 2021

Creating opportunities in sport for people with disabilities

This paper tires to have a centralised data collection on the participation of people with disabilities in sport at Eu level. It compares policies implemented in the different member states in that regard.

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MEPs : EU recovery instruments must also support young people and sports sector

MEPs call on the Commission and member states to increase their efforts to prevent the pandemic from having lasting negative effects on young people and the sports sector.

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January 2021

Briefing of the European Parilament on the impact of Covid19

The European Parliamen research Service produced a document to study the impact of Covid19 on the sport sector. It shows that Covid-19- related restrictions have only increased the appeal of outdoor activities and made initiatives such as the European Week of Sport more necessary than ever.

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