Women, Sport and Media coverage in Europe

The « Television without frontiers » directive : for a better media coverage of women’s sport

Under the direction of Julian Jappert director of Sport and Citizenship Think tank

About 37% European women admit they do not practise a sport at least once a week. It is very close  to the men’s percentage (43%), however, only 7% of broadcasted sport events on TV concern female competitions. This draws attention to and illustrates the general lack of media coverage of women’s sport.

This is why, in 2010, Sport and Citizenship decided to gather a panel of European experts on the media coverage of women’s sport.

This book is thus the outcome of three years of exchanges and brainstorming. It provides avenues for reflection aiming to improve women’s sport exposure. Among them, it seem that adding more female competitions to the list of major sport event would be particulary pertinent. Indeed, this action would foster free-to-air broadcasting of women’s sport and inspire the new generations.


Sport et citoyenneté