Raising awareness about using sport to protect the ocean

March 19, 2024 – Angers

           Julie Mongard, Communication Officer, Think tank Sport and Citizenship

Using sport to preserve the ocean

Faced with the current problems in the ocean, from the acidification of waters to pollution, increased levels of awareness are essential to their preservation. This is the context for the OSES project – Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport.

Raising awareness through sporting activities

Inspiring projects and initiatives

An event dedicated to the ocean


What is the next step?

To find out more:

  • Sport and Citizenship Revue n°53, Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals. An interview for our revue n° 53 with Catherine Chabaud, yachtswoman and journalist, who talks about sport and sustainable development. “In sailing, for example, more needs to be done with specifications for races and boats. Even with sailing, the boat construction, the materials used, and the way races are organised are still important. In our sport, which has a “clean” image, greater sobriety would be necessary to be fully in tune with our values.

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