Sport and Disabilities in Europe: Towards Universal Design?

Journal n°26, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship


 The number of person with a disability in Europe is estimated at 80 million, of whom 50% will never have taken part in sport or a physical activity. This is a paradox when it is well known that sport is one of the most effective ways of encouraging inclusion for people with a disability. Several factors may explain this low percentage: poor access to sport facilities, the lack of adapted sport, poorly trained instructors and so on. One response might be the development of the “Universal Design” idea, enshrined in the United Nations convention regarding the rights of persons with a disability. This means that products or services need to be designed with all futures users in mind, so that every individual, whatever their disability or way of life, can have access without the need for extra modifications.

At the European level, there is also a truly strategic response, by the likes of projects or the Erasmus + funding…



Table of Contents:

Pespectives- EU News

 “Recognising the importance of sport for persons with a disability”

Jacques Blanc, Committee of Regions.

“Erasmus + Funding” 

Yves Le Lostecque, European Commission.

Special Feature –Sport and Disabilities in Europe: Towards a Universal Design?

 “A field report on the development of European disability sport policies” 

Matthias Gutt, SPIN Sport Innovation.

 “Access and inclusion in Europe” 

Joyce Cook, Centre for Access to Football in Europe.

 “Training of coaching staff to include people with disabilities”

Carty, UNESCO; U. Moynihan, Institute of Technology Tralee.

 “The interest in the Sochi Olympics means real recognition for the athletes”

Emmanuelle Assman, French Paralympic and Sporting Committee.

 “More than 4, 2 million television viewers watched the Paralympic Games on France 4” 

Olivier Harland, France Télévisions.

 “40% of football clubs welcome persons with a disability” 

Brigitte Henriques, Fédération Française de Football.

 “Legacy from the Paralympics” 

Lord Sebastian Coe, British Olympic Association.

 “Empowering people with intellectual disabilities through sport”

Mary Davis, Special Olympics.

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