Sport and Health in Europe:

Physical activity as a means to well-being and living well together

Under the direction of Sylvain Landa (Deputy director of Sport and Citizenship)

It is a paradox : although the health benefits of physical activity are now well known, nearly 6 out of every 10 Europeans rarely or never take part in a sport or physical activity. This represents a heavy cost both to the health of individuals and to the economy of our societies.

Our Think tank assembled a panel of European experts on HEPA. One of the conclusions was the political will to achieve a range of policies implemented in Europe promoting physical activity as a means to good health.

With the collaboration and support of Audencia Business School and Nestlé Waters, we are now bringing you an overview of this range of policies, through the contributions revealing the positive influence of physical activity on well-being and living well together.

Sport et citoyenneté