Sport, Education and Training in Europe: A dual career for a dual life

Under the direction of Sylvain Landa (deputy director of Sport and Citizenship Think tank)

According to international research, every year 30% of the young people between 10 and 17 who do a sport give it up, because they find that their sport takes up too much of their time. This is especially the case for top-level athletes ; it is difficult to reconcile the demands of their sporting life with the challenges and constraints of the education system or the job market. The idea of the « dual career » was devised as a response to this problem : it can be defined as the pursuit of sporting excellence and academic or professional success by the athlete.

Within the framework of an educational project in collaboration with the Specialised Masters in Management of Sport Organisations at Audencia Business School, Sport and Citizenship brings you a comparative approach to the systems set up with the aim of facilitating the dual career in sport and education in six European States and a compilation of important contributions.


Sport et citoyenneté