Sport empowers disabled youth

Special Feature on SEDY project

With the support of the European Commission (the Erasmus+ programme), this three-year project brought together 9 European partners, including our Think tank, with the task of finding out what was available and what young people with a disability wanted when it came to doing sport.

This question is essential. In the EU, one person in six is affected by a slight or severe disability, which means approximately 80 million people. For these millions of Europeans, access to certain services and areas in social life remains complicated. Employment, school, daily life… and also cultural and sporting activities, which represent leisure time and vital personal fulfilment.

In these pages you will find the main conclusions of the three years of research, as well as a presentation of the PAPAI and “Focus on Me” pilot programmes developed within the project. Our Think tank got its network engaged in profound reflection, to think about possible solutions for increasing participation in sport for young people with a disability, a subject that is very dear to us.


Exclusive Interview
Petra Kammervert MEP

Special Feature – Sport Empowers Disabled Youth

“Sport Empowers Disabled Youth: an EU project”
Marije Deutekom, SEDY project leader, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“SEDY project: Outcomes of the inventory phase”
Afke Kerkstra, InHolland University of Applied Sciences

“PAPAI helps children and young people with disabilities to find a hobby”
Aija Saari, PhD, Research Manager, Finnish Sports Association of Person with Disabilities

“Some inclusive focus groups: the pilot initiative “Focus on me””
Guin Batten, Youth Sport Trust

“SEDY Seminar: How sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity”
Sara Massini,Policy Officer, ENGSO Youth

“Impact of SEDY in Lithuania”
Dr Diana Réklaitiené, Associate Professor, Lithuanian Sports University

“The SEDY project: an educational perspective”
Nuno Pimenta, assistant professor, et Rita Santos-Rocha, Associate professor, Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior

“Working towards inclusive sport”
Frédéric Reichart, Sociology lecturer, INS, HEA

“Towards an integrated approach to disability sports”
Marije Deutekom, SEDY project leader, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences et Maxime Leblanc, Head of European Affairs, Sport and Citizenship Think tank

“Paralympic Sport and sport for people with disabilities in the Netherlands”

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