Sport and Citizenship supports Stop Racism in Sport

Sport and Citizenship is one of the major partners of Stop Racim in Sport launched friday, march 19th in Liège (Belgium) by the Walloon MP and new board member of our Think tank Thierry Witsel who presented the call for to the sport stakeholders from Belgium.

We are pleased Laurent Thieule, president of Sport and Citizenship is part of the board of Stop Racism in Sport. Marc Tarbella, president of the Parliament’s sport group and trustee of our Think tank has also took position on this topic.

Read the call:

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Sign the call for action :

They are talking about it in the media:

DH:“Thierry Witsel encourage à dire Stop au racisme dans le sport

RTL : Axel Witsel, parrain d’une association contre le racisme dans le sport: “On est en 2021, ce sont des choses qui ne devraient plus exister”

L’avenir: “Axel Witsel lutte contre le racisme: “Oui, je me suis déjà fait insulter ou les gens insultaient mon papa par rapport à sa couleur de peau”


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