Sport Governance in Europe

Journal n°9, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

The current crises faced by our society (economic, financial, environmental, social,…) force us to take new requirements into account, to involve new people and to be determined to respect and defend certain principles which are the very essence of sport.

In fact it is up to everyone – national and European institutions, the sports movement, as well as sportsmen and women but also citizens to respond to this challenge, so as to promote good practice and discover new solutions. Our think tank has a valuable role to play as a unique structure in Europe dedicated to giving everyone involved in sport, from ordinary citizens to opinion leaders, from volunteers to policy makers, the chance to express their views.

Contributors to this issue share their definition of good governance, emphasizing some guiding principles: transparency, democracy, efficient management, responsibility, cooperation, representativeness and ethics…

Good governance also means to recognise the specificity and values of sport, alongside an increasing determination to combat its failings and an awareness of its positive impact and general interest for European society.

We must take advantage of the new competencies given to the European Union in the realm of sport, and the naming of a new Commissioner, to bring to remind these fundamental principles, as well as the important issues to come.

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Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA.

Ivo Belet, MEP.

Michel Delebarre, Committee of Regions.

Isabelle Severino, French Gymnast.

Pr Arne Ljungqvist, World Anti-Doping Agency.

Bernard Depierre, French Deputy.

Marcel Retailleau, Comité Régional Olympic & Sportif Pays de la Loire

Jean Réveillon, EBU-UER.

Special Feature – Sport Governance in Europe

 “Governance of European sport, a shared exercise”

 “The role of public authorities in the management of sport: the emergence of global and national public and private partnerships”

 “The road to better sports’ governance” 

 “The Council of Europe is getting involved for good governance in sport”

 “For a sport governance based on private-public partnership” 

 “Sport leaders or leading sportsmen?”

 “Governance of the modern Olympic Games: Challenges to organisers” 

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