Sport, Physical Activity and Quality of life at work

Improving the quality of work life through physical and sports activities

Under the direction of Sylvain Landa and with the contribution of Sport and Citizenship Think tank’s members

There are more and more articles in the press, other publications and discussions on the subject of well-being in the workplace. Combating stress, arranging work spaces, changing styles of management… yet again, sport is never far away when these matters are considered.

A lot of studies now show the impact of sport and physical activity on health and highlight the need to promote an active lifestyle in every part of life. But what is the current state of sport in the workplace today ? What are the challenges and the real benefits of such actions ? In an attempt to find an answer to these questions, this book has invited contributions from various stakeholders who are interested in the subject, in France and in Europe.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  1. The development of physical activity, a public health issue
  2. Sport and physical activity in the workplace: at the heart of CSR issues
  3. Good practices and key success factors
  4. Physical and sport activity, helping improve the performance of organisations

Sport et citoyenneté