Sportboard project

The SportBoard project intends to develop and test a holistic approach towards good governance for grassroots sport organizations and governing bodies based on monitoring, evaluation and management of athletes’ ethics behaviour. Good governance will be based on a systemic work of definition of ethics behaviour indicators, their registration, monitoring and management via Web App and online Observatory system.

SportBoard behaviour indicators will be organised around at least the 6 following categories of behaviour:

1. Harassment & bullying

2. Discrimination, whether it be based on origin, colour, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation

3. Doping

4. Abuse, including sexual abuse


6. Match fixing

The holistic approach will be tested within the SportBoard Pilot Programmes implementation in Spain and Italy and will involve 180 coaches, physical education teachers and 70 representatives of sport governing structures and bodies.

Leader : Association Sant Cugat Creix (ES)


  • Sport et Citoyenneté (FR)
  • Universitat Ramon Llull Fundacio (ES)
  • Club Anderlini (Scuola Di Pallavolo Anderlini Societa Cooperativa Sociale Sportiva
  • Dilettantistica) (IT)
  • Commune de Modena (IT)

Sport et citoyenneté