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Ocean Sustainability through Education and Sport ( OSES )


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OSES objectives and missions

Over three years, OSES will be responding to the general objective of supporting education in and through sport. We firmly believe in the role of sport in formal and informal education. Faced with the urgent challenges concerning the protection of the environment, we want to make the sport movement a key actor in teaching young people about protecting their planet and its natural resources.
We have known the benefits of sport for health and the physical development of young people for a number of years. Sport and physical activity can combat the damaging effects of the sedentary lifestyle, generate important health benefits and play a part in the personal development of the individual. Doing sport can also have a powerful impact on the general education of young people and be a vehicle for good learning outcomes.

Sport can play an important part in the fight against the effects of climate change. In the long term, it can give rise to good practices and also contribute to changing behaviour in favour of conserving, protecting and understanding the environment. To do this, links must be made between actors who, together, can make a difference. That is what the OSES Project is all about.

With the support of nine partners, including four clubs in four different countries, we are helping to develop educational tools for federations and local sport stakeholders, in order to teach young people about ecologically responsible activities and develop an awareness of the environment from a very young age, through sport.

The pilot interventions to take place in sport clubs will be aimed at testing teaching methods on the theme of protecting the oceans and raising awareness about the environment. As well as these activities, a measurement of the social and environmental impact will be carried out, to show the effects of the activities and provide concrete, measurable, identifiable data.


The project is led by Sport and Citizenship (France) and is further composed of 7 additional partners that are:


The project will run for 36 months, and started in May 2023 with the Kick off meeting hosted in the House of Sport, Brussels (Belgium).

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