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Sport and Citizenship


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” Democratising ” sport, we think it means allowing every person, regardless of their capacity and motivation, to find a choice of sport or physical activity near where they live.

People need to be informed about different possibilities for doing sport, and the opportunities that exist if they want a career in sport. That is one of the objectives of the “Des Métiers Pluri’Elles” project which you will find out about in this revue.

An award winner in the Impact 2024 call for projects, “Des Métiers Pluri’Elles” is led by a consortium made up of the National Sport and Leisure Profession Federation, the French Cycling Federation, the association Femix’Sports and our Sport and Citizenship Think Tank. It intends to encourage women’s access to jobs in sport.

Summary :

European news 

Exclusive interview 

Simona Kustec, Minister of Education, Science and Sport (Slovenia)

The ” Des Métiers Pluri’Elles “

Roxana Maracineanu, French Minister for Sport 

Elisabeth Moreno, Delegate Minister with the Prime Minister, responsible for the Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunies.

Bernard Delorme, President, National sport and leisure profession federation

Marie-françoise Potereau, President of the Femix’Sport association, Vice-President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, in charge of gender equality and Paris 2024

Geoff Carroll, Skills Development Director, EOSE

Michel Callot, President of the French Cycling Federation, Partner in the « Des Métiers Pluri’Elles »

Thierry Bedos, Deputy National Technical Director, French Cycling Federation

Nicolas Verdon, Delegate general, National sport and leisure profession federation

Mathilde Sahuguet, Women’s cycling ambassadress with the French Cycling Federation

Svetlana Gjorgjievski, Director of PSL Auvergne

Stéphane Varin, Director of PSL 76

Raphaëlle Tervel, Head coach of the women’s handball club ESBF Besançon, Anne Tatu, Associate professor of EPS and doctor of sociology

Philippe Diallo, President CoSMoS

Yacine Medjahed, ” Development ” advisor at the National Sport Agency






Sport and Citizenship in action

Committed sportiswoman

Astrid Guyart, Fencer

Trustee’s word 

Emmanuelle Bonnet-Oulaldj, Co-president of the Sports and Gymnastics Federation

Our news

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Sport et citoyenneté