Sport, Volunteering and Active Citizenship

Journal n°8, by the Think tank Sport and Citizenship

Volunteering in sport represents a major economic and social force, of benefit to the whole of society. It is a great instrument for unselfish personal development, a “life-school” for the common good and a key element in building genuine active citizenship in Europe.

We need to recognise and encourage this asset for society, threatened as it is by the growth of “inactive citizenship” and individualism. This can only be done by fully understanding the phenomenon in Europe, by evaluating its social, economic and human impact and through taking action. The articles in this edition of the review try to give a clear picture of the current situation and raise issues for the future.

Many avenues are explored: developing volunteering in sport as an informal learning experience enhancing employment chances, the definition of a European status for volunteers; the support of non- profit organisations financially and by giving them a European status, so as to make volunteering easier; sharing of good practice, particularly in the organisation of sporting events; to arrive at a greater coordination of the policies involved; facilitating exchanges within the EU…

The European Commission’s European Year of Volunteering 2011 will give us the perfect opportunity to make our ideas widely known.

Table of Contents:


Maarten Van Der Weijden, Former Swimmer.

Vincent Peillon, MEP.

Pierre Mairesse, European Commission.

Jean-Luc Rigaut, Mayor of Annecy.

Jan Kocourek, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to Czech Republic.

Bernard Depierre, French Deputy.

Marcel Retailleau, Comité Régional Olympic & Sportif Pays de la Loire

Special Feature – Sport, Volunteering and Active Citizenship

 “Imagine a world without volunteers”

   Kamila Czerwinska, former “Policy Officer” at the The European Volunteer Centre

 “The voluntary sector in sport: a means to integration and citizenship” 

Dan Ferrand-Bechmann, university professor, sociologist

 “The voluntary sector: possible support policies in tomorrow’s society”

Emmanuel Bayle, management sciences professor

 “Volunteering in sport and sociability networks” 

Chantal Malenfant, PhD in economics, graduate in nutrition and medical anthropology

 “A brief introduction to volunteering policy and practice in England”

Jennifer Russel, researcher, Institute for Volunteering Research

 “Is Equity and Diversity in European (Pro Team) Sports in Danger?” 

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