PACTE Project :

Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe

Objectives and missions

Acting as a direct follow-up to the PASS project, PACTE seeks to take a further step towards increasing active cities across the continent. The PASS findings and further research brought to light the far-reaching effects and burdensome costs of physical inactivity on Europeans, but it also defined the ever-growing importance urban environments have to play. Indeed, over three quarters of local decision-makers are unaware of the levels and consequences of inactivity, which becomes an increasing issue as over 70% of the European population lives in cities and urban areas today. To top it off, local policies have a more direct impact on citizens than national or European ones do.

While physical activity experts have virtually omitted to investigate the status quo of physical activity on a local level, PACTE is unfolding itself in a timely manner.

PACTE aims to focus on the physical activity in Europe, at a municipal level. The three core objectives to do so are:

  • a European-wide representative survey of municipalities’ physical activity policies and practices; Results
  • to create an evidenced-based matrix for change for Active Cities, offering tailored solutions for continuous change;
  • and to develop and deliver a communication campaign aimed at European municipalities, and promoting physical activity promotion.


The project is led by Sport and Citizenship (France) and is further composed of 8 additional partners that are:

The project will run for 36 months, and started in January 2018 with the Kick off meeting hosted in the House of Sport, Brussels (Belgium).

Infos and ressources

Latest articles

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PACTE final event will be held on Thursday 26 November afternoon.

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In partnership with the European Cyclist Federation, Sport and Citizenship organised the last workshop of the European PACTE project.

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In partnership with ECF, Sport and Citizenship organised the last workshop of the European PACTE project in Brussels

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Co-organised with the European Cyclist Federation, the workshop will gather representatives and stakeholders of this matter.

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Salle de conférence au Parlement Européen

Conference on the future of sport in European cities On Wednesday 6th of March, the European Parliament’s Sport Integroup has

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While the conclusions of the IPCC are troubling, environmental awareness is rising, and the sports world now understand its impact

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Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe held its first workshop in Liverpool - whose city council is a project partner.

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Project PACTE to hold first workshop on Active Cities in Liverpool on 15-16 November Workshop Objective  With over 200 million

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The first steering committee for PACTE took place May 29-30 in Paris, and witnessed discussions around the project’s current evolution

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The first phase of the PACTE project is underway! As of today, the PACTE project (Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe)

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Having been selected following the 2017 Erasmus + call for proposals, the PACTE project was set in motion mid-January (15-16)

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