A framework to strengthen the capacities of sports and cultural actors

To be effective sustainably, SPACHE aimed to give the appropriate tools and knowledge to a variety of actors. An objective to be achieved thanks to a capacity building framework. Game Mothibi, senior manager at TAFISA, the International association for sport for all, explains how.


SPACHE seeks to achieve its goal by leveraging cultural heritage resources for enhancing sport/physical activity practice for all, including locals, immigrants, and other various social groups, and tourists. It also contributes to building policymakers’ and stakeholders’ awareness of and knowledge on why and how to value cultural heritage in sport/physical activity and their capacities of putting it into practice.
The SPACHE capacity building framework is designed to contribute to the curating of knowledge on the use of cultural heritage resources for enhancing physical activity practice for all and it is based on literature on sport and cultural heritage, good practices, guidelines on how to leverage cultural heritage resources to make Sport/physical activity more attractive, knowledge on social impact produced by SPACHE pilot programmes and a set of training materials targeted to policymakers, location managers and stakeholders.

The capacity building framework is targeted at policymakers, location managers, sports managers, municipalities, tourists, locals and other stakeholders in both the cultural heritage and sport/physical activity field. It hopes to produce the following key learnings;

  • Develop understanding on the relationship between physical activity and cultural heritage.
  • Discover how cultural heritage and physical activity can boost organizations’ growth.
  • Explore how to contribute to increasing participation in sport in the cultural heritage sites, fostering sustainable development and leaving a positive social footprint.
  • Analyze the needs and expectations of organizations and their members in this field.

“A course ofSport and Culture training”

SPACHE capacity building framework is structured into curriculum, educational modules and facilitators guidelines and host guidelines. It will be delivered through transnational meeting, workshops, webinars and dissemination of the tools.
The capacity building framework is postulated to provide the following benefits for participating policymakers, location managers, sport managers and other targeted stakeholders;

  • Be trained, qualified, empowered and build capacity on cultural heritage, and physical activity,
    Increase the visibility, reputation, and recognition of their organisation.
  • Develop and train leaders and managers in cultural heritage sites, improve their governance in physical activity and cultural heritage and expand the horizon of their cultural heritage activities.
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences with experts and representatives from other Cultural heritage and physical activity organizations.
  • Pave the way towards increasing sport participation in cultural heritage sites.

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